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About Xiobo Creative

16+ Years in the graphic design industry

We help brands and companies to stand out through incredible design.

Xiobo Creative provides design creative services across multiple channels –including print and digital. With over 16+ years of expertise in the graphic design industry, we provide you with the best innovative design solutions that will drive your brand to the next level. Check all the designs we can create for you.

Xiobo Creative highlights

Design Expertise

We create your design strategically to communicate your idea in the best way possible.

Fast turnarounds

Need a design done within 24 hours? Just let us know.


We have the ability to handle multiple projects at the same time.

Browse all the amazing things we can do for your company

We create a full range of print and digital marketing designs.


3D Product Visualization

We not only create a photorealistic product for you but we also create the label and packaging design as well. No need for a real photographer anymore.

Website Design Mockups

Visualize your design idea before is published. We can design your website concepts the way you need it.

Business Presentations

Create a groundbreaking impact for your clients. We can help you reach that goal with a professional presentation.

Event Designs

We can create the most creative and professional event designs for your brand. Designs like trade show booths, event handouts and more.

Marketing Designs

Engage your audience by selecting the right graphic design for your marketing effort. We can create so much for your business.

Digital Marketing Designs

Promote your business or brand through online presence. We can design social media ads, web graphics, white papers, e-books, case studies, and more.

Two partners with one main goal:

Bring your company designs to life!

The cool part of Xiobo Creative is that you will work directly with both of us to provide you the best creative design solutions to turn your idea to life. So instead of having one designer on your team, you will get two for the same price. The more brainpower and creativity, the better! We’re a team dedicated to design the best creative projects for you.

Ben Our Team V2
Founder, Senior Graphic Designer

Ben Oyola

  • 16+ years of experience working in the Graphic Design industry.
  • 10+ years of experience working with many marketing industries like medical, real estate, technology, consulting, law firms, and more.​
  • 4 years of experience working for a marketing agency and supervising a printing company to support their advertising campaigns for the medical industry and other businesses.
  • Excellent knowledge of design production tools, like Adobe Creative Cloud, Office, Cinema 4D, Blender 3D, WordPress, and Davinci Resolve.
Ingrid Our Team v2
CO-Founder, PMM, Design Editor

Ingrid Altreche

  • 10+ years of experience in the Customer Service and Marketing industry.
  • Over 4+ years of experience working in the Graphic Design industry.
  • 2 years of experience as a Casino Supervisor in the Marriott Hotel in charge of the customer service and marketing department.​​
  • 4 years of experience coordinating promotional products and developing marketing activities to increase business revenue.​

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